New Main Store Grand Opening with a BANG

Oh My how time flies when your having fun! It’s been a long time in coming but we’ve finally gotten it done. Today I am Proud to announce that Moondance Boutique Has a new main store on the beautiful Comhar Sim. We will be celebrating our Grand Opening today with a Fashion show, Party, new items and new gifts! 
So we will start with the New jewelry. You’ve seen the first part of the Miss SL Finals set well now you get the second set. Lierre is a beautiful Flower formal creation for Miss SL 2016 Ivyana, and I was so lucky to get hr to model for the set as well   
The set features a beautiful gemstone flower design with dangling gems  on the three pieces. The set features a beautiful necklace, stunning earrings and classic bracelets.  Each shade has been carefully selected for from the Spring 2016 Color Pallet. This is one of those formals that many would not expect to find in a million years, and it can be all yours for a special opening price of 699L$. You of course will be able to purchase each piece on it’s own. 
Following up the Leirre set we have one that is sure to be super fiesty, just like the Lady it was named after. This is the Elosie Jewelry & Nail Set. 
Feisty and Sassy always mix together well, and this unique chain and gemstone jewelry set proves that. the Thick chain encases the delicate gems for a special boldness that could with stand even the sassiest woman out there. We also created new nails to go with this set also the argyle patterned french design is a special one that fits perfectly with this set. The nails are compatible with SLink, Maitreya & Belleza hands.  All colors were carefully selected to match the 2016 Fall Fashion Color Pallet, and will go great with anything you want to wear. This set can also be yours for 699L$ The Jewelry can be purchased seperatly while the nails at this time can only be purchased with the full set. 
Group Gifts! 
Oh yes I cannot forget in order to really celebrate this new location I have two brand new group gifts, as well as a surprise gift hidden through out the store. But lets start with our Ever so faithful SL F&O Group Gift! A Triple strand pearl necklace is the perfect creation for an amazing group of people. With full color change options of pearls you will be able to make this match any outfit you want. 
Following that we have a beautiful new set for our amazing Moondance VIP’s The stunning Rosaline set is for you all. Beautiful roses atop stunning pearls, the blooms filled with beautiful and bright Gems. It’s the perfect topper for your outfit and best of all it’s for all of you for being such amazing and loyal customers! Thank you all. 
Secret Item!
Yes that’s right we have a secret Item in the store for everyone to pick up! It’s a special hunt gift for you all to celebrate our grand opening. There are 4 pieces to the ladies Jewelry set hidden around the store. Find them all for one complete set 🙂 
VIP Items !
Now with the move our VIP section has been revamped a bit as well, and lets just say we’ve cut down the selection. We’ve had so many VIP gifts over the last year but it’s time to cycle them down. You may see them again you don’t know. However for Right now these are the current group VIP items for sale at 250L$
Aliyssa Camellia Fiore Lelanirecolor ChloePastel ChanelNecklace Cael Briana Briana pastel Aashi  
Today we have a Fashion show for the Grand Opening of the Comhar sim. This show takes place at 2pm SLT at the Comhar Sim So we hope to see you there. 
Happy Shopping everyone!
Moondance Boutique

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