Moondance Boutique has been in Secondlife since 2007 creating unique and unexpected nail designs. Starting with hand attachment nails that included a design and color change option. We also included 3d nails with gemstones or other items as requested by our customers.

In 2013 we took on the challenge to add a new product to our store with jewelry. Under the tutelage of LaZuri’s Zuri Lyric, we took the first steps toward learning the delicate process of jewelry making in second life. Over the next 5 years, we would continue to practice and improve on the suggestions that were made to us during. Until finally we could stand on our own as an up and come jewelry creator. While the nails are still made the jewelry became our focus as more fun was had in creating beautifuly stunning pieces of work.

Today, Moondance Botuique has taken another step in our continuing journey in the evolution of our store. We have added a new adult section to our store, featuring Open Collar/RLV compatible jewelry. We are also now working on updating all of our previous Jewelry and Nail designs to the current systems, that includes Meshing up all the previous jewelry releases after reworking them to be more in line with our vision. Transfering and updating all previous nail designs to the various body applier systems, including but not limited to SLink, Omega, Maitreya, Vista, Tonic & Bellezza at current.

Moondance Boutique has also become a sponsor for the Miss SL Orignization and family of competitions, by providing one of a kind exclusive pieces for the winners of the Mr. SL Compeititon and the Mr. & Miss Young Star Competition. We also provide the Jewelry for the Offical Release shots of the Miss SL Competition’s top 3. We have continued to grow and will continue to do so for as long as We exist and our creator is having fun doing so.  We hope you will continue with us on this journey.


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