It’s that time of year again….

The holiday’s are here upon us again. Whether  you say Marry Christmas, Happy Holiday, Happy Solstice, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza, Seasons Greetings, or any other Holiday greeting we are all celebrating the spirit of the season. Renewal, happiness, family, Love and Hope.  2016 has been an amazing year for us, from the Birth of my daughter, the new beautiful location, the charity events we’ve helped out with to the begining of this years holiday season. It is once again time that I give back to all of you, who have taken this years journey with me. I know I did not release as much as I wanted to, or as much as other designers do, but none the less you all have stuck through with me. So this Advent Calendar is for you my loyal group members. I have worked very hard this year on this years Holiday Advent Calendar, instead of gifts that are only good during the winter season, we have gifts that are good ALL YEAR LONG!

In fact here is a Preview of some of the gifts that are in the Calendar, and some of them may have already made their debut….


First I want to thank Marcus & Hikaru for helping me with this shoot as Models & Photographer. Hikaru is wearing the Hika Necklac & Bracelet gifts, Marcus is wearing the Lefevre Ring & Watch gifts, while I am wearing the Euridice Bracelet & Necklace and the Maia Earrings. All peices that you will find in the Advent Calendar. Each item is fully scripted with 20 colors for Gems, Pearls & Opals, 4 Leather colors for anything including leather, and 8 metal options! All 24 Advent Calendar items!

There will be one set for Men and one set for Women on the 25th just like last year.. what will it be? Well you will have to wait to see, in the meantime, please enjoy the calendar and your holiday season! See you all soon!

There is only one catch, you Must be a member of the Moondance Boutique VIP group in order to get these gifts. Until the 26th of December The VIP group does have a 50L join fee. The fee is a one time fee, the gifts after that are Free for you all.

We also have 3 Hunts going on in store right now as well. The Peace on Earth Hunt! The Candy Cane 8 Hunt and a sim hunt for everyone to participate in so in total this month there will be 29 gifts for everyone to enjoy! get on down there and you will see everything…


Moondance Boutique 

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