What’s going on at Moondance Boutique? A HUGE SALE!!!!

Alright Ladies and Gents, I know I have been quite since the Tsubasa set was released but there is a reason. As many who have followed my store know, I am Pregnant, and about to welcome a beautiful little girl Vera Serenity into the world. Her birth is due in the Next 3 Weeks.

Due to some complications that have arisen during the last few weeks my Doctor has put me on bed rest. Which has given me some time to create some amazing and new items for the store, and get them out rather quick. At the moment I am taking advantage of that to create some new designs for some upcoming hunt, as well as for the store itself.

Now to celebrate the birth of my daughter, and to offset the fact that my funds are fairly low at the moment I am holding a HUGE sale in store. Full sets that were priced between 600L – 1250L Have been reduced in price to anywere between 100L – 150L, all individual pieces are down to 50L each. This is not a sale you want to miss. This sale will Run for 1 month only, and once it’s over it’s over.

This includes some of our newer pieces:


Tsubasa – was 825L – now 150L


Ambrosia: was 1250L now 150L


Kevay was 1250L – now 150

Plumeria Bloom

Plumeria Bloom was 825L now 100L


With this sale, Store credit will be accumulated but cannot be used till prices go back to their original prices.


There will be new pieces added this month that will start the sale at 150L.


Please enjoy this special celebratory sale, and thank you all for coming to the store.

Moondance Boutique