July is here, and so are we

Yes life has been hectic crazy for me, but I’ve been creating loads and we’re about to have some serious releases as well as a Move… Oh yes the store is moving, and soon i’ll have to update ALL the boxes with a new landmark… so stay tuned for that we’re gonna have a blast!
July comes in with fireworks and 2 new Jewelry sets in the main store for you all to choose from. 
We start out the new releases with the stunning Aealla set. This set was made for the beautiful Aealla Gracemount for her formal set for the Miss SL competition. Aealla was the 4th runner up in the competition, and we are very pleased to be able to have made this Custom set for her.  
In this set you are treated to a Custom Mesh Necklace & Bracelet created specifically for Miss SL Ireland. A pair of stunning earrings and rings as well. A delicate flower for a feisty lady, and you can be just as delicate or feisty and this set will still fit with you. Done up in the spring color palette for 2016 you will certainly be in season this year. 
The set is on sale in store for 825L for the full set with each individual piece being 225L. for a limited time. 
Following Aealla we have the regal Scheherazade. Enjoy your on 1001 nights adventure with this perfect Middle Eastern inspired set. You can be a Princess, or a Queen with the beautiful creation.
This set is perfect for the girl in silks, or even in a simple dress and pants set. The set features a beautiful Necklace, stunning Tikka headpiece, 2 sets of earrings, with and without nose chain, a set of rings and bracelets. You wont be missing anything with this expansive set. You are treated to the one and only Moondance Gradiant Gemstones, and pastel gems to give this set a distinct and beautiful flare. This stunning set is 1250 which each piece at 250 each.
Events !
 Between changing Jobs, that beautiful little girl of mine I still managed to get you guys a new Event. I’ve gone back to one of my old time favorites, the Designer Showcase.  There you can find the first of many dedicated items to my little baby girl. She will be a Diva this much I have seen in her adorable Personality. It is with that in mind I created this beautiful statement piece by the name of Vera… 
Gifts !
So first we start with the Free gift to everyone. As many know the 4th of July has just passed in the US, and as a celebratory gift I have created the Liberty Necklace and Earring Pair. This is our 4th of July gift to Everyone so enjoy it while you can, it will be removed on Sunday the  10th.
From now on any and all customers from Moondance Boutique will receive a reward for all purchases made in store. You will receive linden credit for your purchases. Reaching 500L gives you back a 3% Credit, Reaching 1000L gives you back a 6% Credit, Reaching 1500L Spent gives you a 9% Credit, Being a member of the group gets you a 12% Credit that can be used at all Moondance Boutique Vendors! 
Upcoming Events!
Moondance Boutique Fashion Show: This is in the works currently, be ready for more beautiful jewelry and nails created specifically for you.
Happy Shopping everyone!
Moondance Boutique

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