Middle of September and I’m a busy bee

I have been insanely busy here ladies but it’s all been good, between a new job and my little one, I can’t believe September is halfway over! Not to fret though I have quite a bit of newness for you guys to enjoy, so take a look and enjoy. 
I’ve got 2 new peices of jewelry for you all to oogle and awe, the Aisha Set and the Isis Anne Set. We’ll start off with the Aisha set.   
aisha Another beautiful multi cultural styled design with simple beauty in mind. Gemstones and Stones come together to give this beautiful set not only its  ethnic feel, but also a timelessness that you with for any beautiful set you own. The set comes with a simple but stunning Bindi, Classic Necklace, 3 sets of Earring 3 rings and one pair of bracelets.  
Following that I have created a set that is near and dear to my heart. Named for  my Angel Baby Isis Anne, I present her set to you. While I may never know what her  fashion sense would be like, but based on what I did know of her, her activeness, she would be a diva just like her sister Vera. I created this set realizing both my girls would more than likely be more fashion forward then their mom.
This beautiful set consists of 3 earrings, 3 bracelets, 2 rings and a stunning fashion forward necklace. 
Both of these jewelry sets are 875L for a limited time. 
We also added an amazing set of nails. The Eloise nails are now able to be purchased without the jewelry set attatched. You have the choice between purchasing the SLink, Maitryea, Belleza appliers individually or together as a fat pack. 
Spoonful of Sugar: Oh yes we have a couple of events going on. The first and foremost is an amazing Charity Event that I can and always will get behind. Here at Moondance we are very big on Charity events that go to help people get things they need. Especially health care. And while we cannot possibly participate in all the events we would like ( The RL Work schedule will not allow it ) We were able to Participate in the Spoonful of Sugar event to support Doctors without Boarders. You will be able to find the following items there, as well as our silent auction piece. 
dualtonesheherazade deeppastel-elo deepaealla
The silent auction piece for doctors without boarders is the following set.
Designer Showcase: My longest running event yet. I love this event and because I do, I’ve created the beautiful Chelle set. While as simple as it may be it is anything but. Featuring 3 earrings, a pair of bracelets, 3 rings and a beautiful necklace, this casual set is stunning and ready for any day. 
Group Gifts! 
For my wonderful friends in the SL F&O Group Gift! A Triple strand pearl necklace is the perfect creation for an amazing group of people. With full color change options of pearls you will be able to make this match any outfit you want. 
Following that we have a beautiful new set for our amazing Moondance VIP’s The stunning Rosaline set is for you all. Beautiful roses atop stunning pearls, the blooms filled with beautiful and bright Gems. It’s the perfect topper for your outfit and best of all it’s for all of you for being such amazing and loyal customers! Thank you all. 
We are starting work towards a new fashion show to showcase the many new pieces that we have been working on so keep your eyes and ears peeled for that information. 
Happy Shopping everyone!
Moondance Boutique

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