New Nails & Hunt Items – Check it all out

I’ve been working my butt off, and we have some new stuff going on in store for you. One thing we have coming up is brand new Nails! Yes after a while we have some new Nails for you all to pick up. We also have a new hunt starting up, and the last few days for SWANK, read more  for more. 
It has been a while in coming but we have some amazingly beautiful nails out for you today. Starting with the beautiful Chloe set.
The start of a new chapter in Moondance we begin with the Chloe nail, the first of our beautiful new french tips that we are bringing out for you today. Soft pastel colors to match any of your spring wardrobe. 
Pastel Matte French
Following the Chloe we have the Pastel French matte nail. French tips are very elegant and classic and one can never go wrong, even when using color for the full nail.
Dark French MatteEven with beautiful  pastels we can’t forget to add in the deeper color french tips. With a shiny french tip and a deeper and slightly duller main nail you can’t go wrong when you want to be professional. 
Last but not least we have the stunning white Ombre nails. A follow up to our beautiful Ombre nails you cannot simply loose with this beautiful color set. Ready for a day out or in you will be able to match it to anything. 
Each set comes with Appliers for Maitreya, Belleza and SLink. We are offering up fat packs of all three for 150L, and you can purchase each applier individually for 75L each.  You can’t go wrong with any of these nail sets.
 Oh yes I’ve gotten something new coming out for you all starting on the 1st of May. The Runway Perfect Hunt Edition 6 is starting up, and we have 2 sets up for grabs, one for men and one for women. 
Henery Liz
These will only be up for grabs at 5L each for one month before they vanish. They will be ready on Sunday. 
 Oh man if you ask how busy I have been, despite my cute little daughter I managed to get some exclusive color sets done for two of our beautiful pieces for SWANK! You can find a Pastel Recolor of the Lelani falls necklace and Chloe jewelry set for 300L till the end of the month. These will be gone soon so make sure you pick them up quick. 
Lelanirecolor ChloePastel
Group Gifts !
Oh yes we’re back in full swing with new group gifts for everyone. For starters we were asked to make a special necklace for the Miss SL 2016 Competitions Coco Chanel Challange by Miss SL Ireland, Aealla Gracemount. As such this beautiful and classic Pearl necklace was born. You can pick up the Chanel Necklace at both our Main location, and at Prism, where you can pick up the actual outfit she was wearing for the challenge for a limited time. 
To continue our group gifts we also have our friends over at the SL Free & Offers, for them I have the stunning Camellia necklace and earring combination with 20 gemstone colors and 10 pearl colors to choose from. Make sure you are wearing the SL F&O Tag to pick up this stunner. 
VIP Section !
Ok so the time that I’ve been out we’ve got some updates to the VIP section and we will be having more coming soon.  Check out these designs that are now 250L for our VIPs. 
Kaori Cael Briana Briana pastel Ceres Aashi
From now on any and all customers from Moondance Boutique will receive a reward for all purchases made in store. You will receive linden credit for your purchases. Reaching 500L gives you back a 3% Credit, Reaching 1000L gives you back a 6% Credit, Reaching 1500L Spent gives you a 9% Credit, Being a member of the group gets you a 12% Credit that can be used at all Moondance Boutique Vendors! 

Last but not least we do have a surprise for everyone, a simple and personal Gacha creation. The Trinqueta ring is based off of my RL Wedding ring. Before you all ask, Yes that is my RL husbands Avi in the picture as well. Hehe it’s 50L a play, with 1 rare, 2 uncommons and 10 commons. I hope you enjoy. 

Triquetra Gacha 
Upcoming Events!
Accessories Fashion Show: Coming up here soon, we will be participating in the Accesoreis Show as put on by AIM. We will have several new designs for you so keep your eyes open for more. 
Runway Perfect Hunt: Running May 1st – 31st. 
Happy Shopping everyone!
Moondance Boutique

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