This February Fly away on Wings of Gold: New Male Jewelry Set

Wow we’re now in the second month of the new year and there is a New Item for Guys to celebrate the month.  We are participating in two events this month that will leave your wallets rejoice so that you can shop to your hearts content with several different options. Keep reading to find out more. 

Gentlemen this year can fly away on wings of Gold with the refined Tsubasa Jewelry set. This stunning set includes a necklace, Ear Plugs, Septum Peircing, bracelet and rings. With a bold opal like jewel with 10 colors, 6 metal colors and 3 leather choices you can make this set you rvery own. You can find this set in the store for 650L and over the New Release Network for 230. Act fast as the New Release Network price is only for 2 weeks.


This month we are happy to join in with Swank and PurpleMoon for a few events. This months Swank event is 50 Shades of red and you can find the following pieces for 300L each
Swank Event : Regan Nail & Jewelry set, and Elegant Aurora Jewelry set 
At the Purple Moon Valentines Yard sale you can find several of our more romantic peices for 50% off!
PurpleMoon Yard Sale : Ambroisa Jewelry Set, Kevay Jewelry Set, Resplendant O’hare Jewelry & Nail set, Cinnie Guyana special Edition, Plumeria Bloom, Hibiscus Falls, Leilani Falls, Cor de La Bella Sapphire Exclusive Jewelry & nail set, Papillion Rose, and Opheila Jewelry set
Check these events out as they will be over before you realize!
VIP Section !
The VIP section has returned to normal as has our Group. Keep an eye open there will be new group gifts for our wonderful Moondance VIPs and the SL Free & Offers group coming soon. I hope you are all ready for what the new year has in  
From now on any and all customers from Moondance Boutique will receive a reward for all purchases made in store. You will receive linden credit for your purchases. Reaching 500L gives you back a 3% Credit, Reaching 1000L gives you back a 6% Credit, Reaching 1500L Spent gives you a 9% Credit, Being a member of the group gets you a 12% Credit that can be used at all Moondance Boutique Vendors! 
You read right ever so slowly have I been updating my Marketplace. If you missed them in store on their release date you can find the beautiful Love Supreme and Passionate Hearts gifts up on the MP for 1L 
Moondance Boutique on the Marketplace
Upcoming Events!
Customer of the Month: Coming soon – keep your eyes open for more information 
Earth Hour: The Earth hour Fashion Show presented by AIM is coming soon, and Moondance Boutique will premier some brand new jewelry int he show. 
Fashion For Life 2016: We have already been contacted and are working on getting new pieces together to  help support Relay for Life. In honor of some very special friends and family of mine as well. 
Moondance Boutique Fashion Show: This is in the works currently, be ready for more beautiful jewelry and nails created specifically for you.
Runway Perfect Hunt: Coming May 1st – 31st. Keep your eyes peeled for new exclusive Male and Female sets.
Happy Shopping everyone!
Moondance Boutique

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