The holiday’s are here and We are Celebrating!!!!

We hope you are enjoying your holiday season this year, We’ve been pretty crazy this year with our 25 days of gifts that has been going on? Have you kept up on your gifts this year? If not there are still a few days left to pick them up! To date we have released 22 gifts one for each day until Christmas. On Christmas we will have a very special set for you all all.


There is only one catch, you Must be a member of the Moondance Boutique VIP group in order to get these gifts. For the time being until the 26th of December The VIP group does have a 50L join fee. The fee is a one time fee, the gifts after that are Free for you all.  These are all the gifts up till day 24.  Are you as ready for Christmas Day’s big mystery gift as I am? Stay tuned



MDBAdvent Calender




Each Jewelry set featured above comes with the following color change options for the gemstones and Metals





Also don’t forget about our 55L items which we are offering up some of our classic designs for you to enjoy during this holiday season.


Happy shopping everyone, Look for another post on Next Saturday for the next 5 items that have been released, and who knows, maybe a sneak peak at our Final Christmas Gift for Everyone.


Moondance Boutique 

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