Casual and Chunky all at once

Yeah I wanted to have more stuff coming out sooner, but as we all know the best laid plans of mice and men…. well women. Things are going to slow down once again for me as work life picks up and I found out I’m pregnant so Time to start focusing more on me. But don’t worry you’r not going to be forgotten, in fact there are some new things for you, with more to come.  

Some people can be annoying as fuck! However, they only do it because they love you and want to see you succeed (smiles to her sissy) On that note it was time to go big and bold. Hence the new Ailia Set.


This bold new set comes with a necklace, a set of drop earrings and a set of stud earrings, a ring and bracelet. with 10 color options for your opals and 6 metal colors.

This casual set works perfectly with just about anything you want and looks stunning to boot. Check it out for 825L for the next 2 weeks, as a special release price.

Gift Items !
OOOH i’m always excited about letting people know about new gifties that we have that you can pick up. While not always located at the main store we do have some gifts at specific locations. This months free gift is Located over at the Fashion Kingdom and is a beautiful Unisex necklace. The Cubed Diamond. 
cubed diamond 
From now on any and all customers from Moondance Boutique will receive a reward for all purchases made in store. You will receive linden credit for your purchases. Reaching 500L gives you back a 3% Credit, Reaching 1000L gives you back a 6% Credit, Reaching 1500L Spent gives you a 9% Credit, Being a member of the group gets you a 12% Credit that can be used at all Moondance Boutique Vendors! 
You read right ever so slowly have I been updating my Marketplace. If you missed them in store on their release date you can find the beautiful Love Supreme and Passionate Hearts gifts up on the MP for 1L 
Moondance Boutique on the Marketplace
Keep an eye here for Fashions shows we are in, we just had one thanks to Dulce Secrets and Dot-Be I will post the video once it’s up 
Happy Shopping everyone!
Moondance Boutique

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