Lets all go to a Tropical paradise with Fashiontropic!

Ahoy Maties thar be  some Buried treasure up for grabs starting today July 7th and ending on the 30th of July by Moondance Boutique. The amazing Fashiontropic by Inovare event starts today and we are right up front With three amazing New and Tropical themed Items. Something fresh and new from us that we know you’ll love. Each set is part of the Next Generation of Moondance Boutique Jewelry. Gone are the days of having to constantly click the gemstone to change pieces, Now do them all at once, or change individual pieces all at the same time!
The first of our new sets is the Hibiscus Falls. Hibiscus flowers are the main feature of this beautiful three piece set.  The wrap around necklace sits partially closed around the neck and shoulders.  bringing the brightness of the tropics into your face as it matches the dangle flower earrings and headpiece. Each flower features a beautiful gemstone at the center of each bud as it blooms around you.
Hibiscus Falls
 This set comes with the Necklace, Headpiece and Earrings. You can of course purchase them individually  as you wish. 
The next beautiful set that is being released today is the Plumeria Bloom. A very simple chain necklace set that features color change plumeria blossoms, and cute flying butterflies.  A large Gemstone resets between butterflies and plumeria blossoms to highlight the beauty of the set. Completing the set are two simple rings and earrings. The flowers have 10 different color blossoms that you can choose from and the gemstones feature 10 beautiful colorsPlumeria Bloom
 You can either purchase the full set or each item individually, and you have many options to choose from for your colors. 
The last piece to grace the trees today is a simple and unique necklace. The Lelani falls necklace. This beautiful necklace is a beauty to behold and different from any tropical necklace seen on the grid. Open and closed Lily blossoms, and Plumeria blossoms rest at the nape of the neck in front and slowly trail down the back to drape down in a sense of sheer tropical waterfall flavor, a simple gold chain around the other half of the necklace keeps the flowers from falling off  as they bloom down ones back 
Leilani Falls Necklace
Each of these beautiful pieces can be found at the Fashiontropic by Inovare event opening up today! There are so many different items that you can all find in the beautiful tropical theme that you won’t be lost looking for something to go with these amazing new sets. To visit the event directly from this blog just click on one of the links or the Logo for the event.
Happy Shopping everyone!
Moondance Boutique

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