The Events are starting!

Ok Ladies so I took some time of to take care of some real life stuff, but I’m now back and Better than ever. This month we are back in @1st and Designer Showcase with exclusive designs for the two events that will Only be available for the Month of July.  Look on down below for the info!
This month we are celebrating one of my favorite things in the whole wide world. ANIME!!!! And for me there is one anime above all others that I will make a dash to the moment Anime is mentioned. Everyone knows this, and anyone who knows me knows what I love. Of course it’s Sailor Moon. 
 Sailor Moon Cameo
June 30th was the Birthday of Usagi Tsukino & Usagi SL Tsukino. In other words Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon, hahah yes I celebrated their birthdays (i’m weird) By creating a Beautiful Sailor Moon Inspired Cameo necklace based off the Following Image by Nako Takeuchi. 
The Cameos for the necklace are created based off the Sailor Moon Crystal Splash screen for commercial breaks. this was a fun set for me to create and a fun round to be part of. You will find Necklace, Earrings and Bracelet for this very special set. 
This beautiful set is on sale Exclusively at Rue La Page’s @1st event for the month of July.  Where it goes from there, we don’t know but don’t wait till the last minuet Sailor Moon Fans! 
 The Designer Showcase  for July is up today and you can find the beautiful Resplendant O’Hare Nail set, and right now you can find this at this location ONLY and for 99L to boot. The set is for the most recent SLink hands Update only. 
Our current Group Gift, still on the Sailor Moon theme is still up for grabs but Sailor Mars’ Signiture Pendant wont but up fro much longer as a new group gift is int he works, so pick her up before she’s gone. 
Keep an eye out for more info on shows that Moondance Boutique is taking part in, we have alot coming up. 🙂 
Happy Shopping everyone!
Moondance Boutique

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