New Store, New Set New Sections

WOW it has been a crazy time for us here at Moondance Boutique. We’ve had quite a rocky few months. With more to come. Today we celebrate a new build and the opening of a new VIP only section!   As well as the Customer Loyalty system!  
I was honored to be asked by one of the Hostesses of the Miss SL Pagent to create for her several beautiful sets. Today I release as we open up the new building the Meili Jewelry set. This is the largest full set to date at Moondance Boutique, featuring a Crown, set of Hair Sticks, Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet, Rings and a custom set of Nails as a bonus.   
The first 2 weeks the Meili Jewelry & Nail set is on sale for 820L, 35% off full price.  Individual pieces are also on sale for 35% off.  Once the new release special ends the Meili Jewelry & Nail Set  will be offered at it’s full price of 1250L.
The nails in this pack only work with the New SLink hands & feet update allowing for the addition of accent nails 
VIP Items !
Today we open up a new section at our store for our amazing VIP Group Members. This is a section specially for you where you can get past group gifts you may have missed, or Event Exclusives that you wanted but never got a chance to go and grab. Each Beautiful set is For sale for those with the group tag only at 250L. Again this is for group members only. Right now you can find the following Items.  
Matahari Ice Matahari Elemental Bindi Love Supreme Exclusive Celina Exclusive Gaia Ru La Page Exclusive Cinnie VendorCor De La Bella Sapphire Exclusive Tokei Group Gift LoveSupremeExclusive GemstoneBows PinkSayuriAraneae Bella
From now on any and all customers from Moondance Boutique will receive a reward for all purchases made in store. You will receive linden credit for your purchases. Reaching 500L gives you back a 3% Credit, Reaching 1000L gives you back a 6% Credit, Reaching 1500L Spent gives you a 9% Credit, Being a member of the group gets you a 12% Credit that can be used at all Moondance Boutique Vendors! 
You read right ever so slowly have I been updating my Marketplace. If you missed them in store on their release date you can find the beautiful Love Supreme and Passionate Hearts gifts up on the MP for 1L 
Moondance Boutique on the Marketplace
Keep an eye here for Fashions shows we are in, we just had one thanks to Dulce Secrets and Dot-Be I will post the video once it’s up 
Happy Shopping everyone!
Moondance Boutique

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