Mens Wear Fashion Week

Wow if it wasnt enough to have Fashion For Life going on, We are very happy and obviously very busy, this time guys you are the sole focus of this releases. Mens Wear Fashion Week starts today, and We have several new nail sets for you, as well as two brand new Jewelry sets! You can find them all on the Mens Wear Fashion week Sims.

Constantine marcusito

Both mens sets include a new set of nails as well as a bonus at the MWFW sim and can’t be picked up anywhere else.

We also have several nail sets up fro grabs as well gentlemen. Yes nails can be for guys to, and lets face it, even some guys like a good manicure.

FlurFrench Gradient Singlestripe Rainbowcruxmen Snapshot_154 frenchbatsmen Flower Flames men French Tips beigemen Addiction men

These nine nails are also up for guys and guess what Guys, they were Made to work with YOUR hands. That’s right, you guys will now have the ability to do a awsome looking manicure as well and not  be afraid to wear them.


All this can be picked up At Mens Wear Fashion Week




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