Fashion For Life

Fashion for Life Logo 2015

Today we begin with one of the biggest fundraisers the gird ever sees. That’s right it’s time to Relay. This year we are once again participating in Fashion for Life. It was this time Last year that I Wrote about Fashion for Life and what it means for me. This time Last year my I wrote about my grandfather who was fighting his cancer and whom I expected to last for several more years, however that was not the case as he Passed in August of Last year. More so than ever I dedicate the new release for Fashion For Life to my Grandfathers Memory. I miss you gandpa.


We have 3 new jewelry sets and 2 new nail sets for Fashion for Life this year. Also you can get two of our Ru la Page exclusives at the Fashion For Life sim to benift Relay and the Fashion for Life Team.

Graceful Decorus Leo Kito Johari Vendor ReganGraceful DecoursRegan

For our 5 exclusive designs for Fashion for Life we have the beautiful Graceful Decours Jewelry & Nail Set. The handsom Leo Kito Jahari Jewelry set for Guys, and the Stunning Reagen Jewelry & Nail set for ladies. Now for those who only want the nails you can find the Decours Nail set and the Regan nail set as well with all of their proceeds going to support Fashion For life.

As far as Our exclusives from Rue La Page you can find the Cinnie Set and the Gifts of Gaia set up for grabs as well

Gaia Ru La Page Exclusive Cinnie Vendor


Also keep an eye out for a very special color set as a very Limited Edition. There will only ever be 20 of this item with this color set, I’m not even sending it to bloggers so the 20 people who get this item will be luckier than ever.

Cor De La Bella Sapphire Exclusive

You will be able to find all our amazing sets up for grabs at the Fashion For Life Berlin Sim. Between Yasum and Ghee.

Thank you all for your kind support in the fight against Cancer



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