February 1st. New release of the year!!!!

So I took the month of January off to really just de-stress from the beginning of the year which I admit i was not ready for, but who ever is.  Well during that time I have been wickedly busy and that is including a new rebranding and redecorating of the store. More will follow but for a couple of new items at two of my favorite locations
I was commissioned to make a beautiful jewelry set by the hostesses of the Miss SL Pageant to go with their stunning dresses from Celestine Weddings. The result was a beautiful one of a kind set.
Cinnie Vendor
Introducing the beautiful Cinnie Jewelry set. This set features a beautiful back draping necklace with intricate front.  Two beautiful diamond and tear drop earrings and a set of slave bracelets with a large diamond solitaire ring attached. 
The necklace itself is a mix and match peice, including 5 Gold chains, 5 gold chains with a single tear drop gem, and then smaller tear drops as separate attachments. Meaning you can wear this necklace in many different ways.  
This beautiful set is on sale Exclusivly at Rue La Page’s @1st event for the month of February. After the end of the month you will not be able to get this gem set ever again, so make sure you pick it up now. 
Featuring 7 Metal Colors, and 10 Gemstone Colors this set is on sale for at  875L
 The Designer Showcase  for February is up today and you can find the beautiful Reagen Nail set, and right now you can find this at this location ONLY and for 75L to boot. The set is for SLink hands only. 
The next group gift is coming but the current one is still up. It will be coming down soon so get it while you can.
Keep an eye out for more info on shows that Moondance Boutique is taking part in, we have alot coming up. 🙂 
Happy Shopping everyone!
Moondance Boutique

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