Men and Womens Group Gifts, + Angel Manor and Lefevre Mansion Hunt!

Ok so it’s been a wickedly busy time for me. There is a new event coming up, but also a beautiful hunt starting that I’m so glad to be asked to take part in. I currently have 4 brand new SLink nail sets available for both men and women.  
We start with the Hunt nails. These nails are put out to support the Angel Mansion and Lefevre Mansion in thier first ever event together to Benifit AIDS research. These nails are avialble exclusivly during the hunt and can be found scatterd around the two sims. The Lefevre Mansion  and  The Angel Manor Estate.
FlurFrench Gradient Singlestripe
Because these nails are SLink nails Both Men and Women can wear these amazing designs. So make sure you go and pick these up for the duriation of the hunt this is the only place you can grab these amazing designs. 
The next Nail set is a new group gift! I hope you’re not scared of a little bit of blood. 
Bloody Halloween
Done with help from Dulce Secrets you can find these bloody nails up for grabs at the Moondance Boutique Main store as the group gift for the Halloween season. Once these nails have been taken down you will not be able to get them again! So get them while you can. 
 Right now we have the The Designer Showcase  going on for the month of October. This month you can find an Exclusive release for the Designer Showcase only. The beautiful Roses to Cancer Jewelry and Nail set. A fully scripted set of jewelry and Nails for an amazing 100L, a deal like this is something you will never see for a full color change set.
This set includes everything seen here, again the set is 100L so grab it while you can. 
You read right ever so slowly have I been updating my Marketplace. If you missed them in store on their release date you can find the beautiful Love Supreme and Passionate Hearts gifts up on the MP for 1L 
Moondance Boutique on the Marketplace
Keep an eye here for Fashions shows we are in, we just had one thanks to Dulce Secrets and Dot-Be I will post the video once it’s up 
Happy Shopping everyone!
Moondance Boutique

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