Seasons Change – Gypset and FaMESHed with PurpleMoon and Moondance Boutique

La Vita Bella

Agnes in Orange - Available ONLY at Gypset Agnes in Orange – Available ONLY at Gypset

The one thing I truly miss about living in New York City — other than the ability to get amazing sushi at 4am, is Autumn.  When that first nip of cool air breezes through, the city always seemed fresher, more alive and vibrant.  The myriad of trees in my neighborhood in Brooklyn changing into a gorgeous array of yellows, oranges and reds.  It’s just cool enough to have to put on a light jacket, maybe a pair of fingerless gloves or even just a heavy sweater with a jaunty scarf I knitted while waiting on one of the auditions I went on.  Ahh my former life.

It’s hard to recapture the feeling that autumn in New York brought me, but I have to admit, the Agnes in Orange from PurpleMoon Creations (available ONLY at the Gypset Event) came pretty darn close.


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Wild about fashion


24 enchantedforest Enchanted Forest- Maci @ 24Squared

24 enchantedforest , back

Enchanted forest is one of the 24Squared exclusives, what this means is if you want to be one of the 150 to own this limited outfit you need to get to the event fast. A few snaps of some of the other exclusives

Polsih by Moondance Boutique Dual colored polish from Moondance Boutique @ 24 Squared

Teal/pink suede Kitten heels from Hollyhood @ 24 Squared Teal/pink suede Kitten heels from Hollyhood @ 24 Squared

Parrot Makeup Full, Mua @ 24Squared Parrot Makeup Full, Mua @ 24Squared

Melissa, milk, WoW Skins @24Squared Melissa, milk, WoW Skins @24Squared

Skin: Melissa Milk Cleavage, .::WoW Skins::.  @24 Squared
Hair: SUNBURST*/fantasyturquoise, .:EMO-tions:.
Eyes: Crystal Eye – Chlorine, [Buzz] – Buzzeri
Clothing: Enchanted Forest, Maci ( includes floral necklace and headpiece)@24 Squared
Makeup: MakeUp Set – Parrot – Full Set, {MUA} @24 Squared
Extras:Slink high feet and casual hands with Dual colored angled polish for Slink nails by Moondance Boutique @24 Squared

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New Releases for Men and Women @ Rock your Rack & 24 Squared

As we all know I’m always busy, and this time it’s no different. Moondance Boutique has two events starting this week. Today Monday the 1st We begin with Rock your Rack, and Friday Sept 5th starts the 24 Squard Event. I have releases for both!   
For the Rock your Rack event you can find a total of 5 brand new items up for grabs.   
Our first set is for the females: Forever Love, Breast Cancer Edition.
The set is hand crafted of fine metals and delicate flowers and ribbons. With a single rose and Pink Breast Cancer Ribbon held in a glass pendant it is a perfect way to show your support for the cause.  The rose and ribbon earrings, and bracelets also help to show your support as do the beautiful nails, with the gemstone ribbon upon the finger to really give cancer a bite.
Forever Love Jewelry and Nail set 
This stunning set includes everything seen in the picture, and can be purchased for $449L
The set comes with the following options 
Metal – 5 options
Roses – 10 options
Nails 10 options
Smaller sets of course are also up for grabs at 149L.
 Foreverlove Necklace and earringsForeverlove Bracelet and nails
Forever Love  Bracelet & Nail Set 149L
Forever Love Necklace & Earrings Set 149L
 Also up for grabs at the event as a remind gentleman can also develop breast cancer, there is the Key to Hope Mens set. 
This set features a beautiful bejeweled cross and key and also the pink cancer ribbon on both the necklace and the bracelets. Simple cancer ribbon earrings and an elaborate set of 3d bejeweled nails in some stunning colors. The cancer ribbon added to the nails again to give you the option of giving the finger to cancer. 
Key to Hope Mens Nail and Jewelry Set
 The set includes, the Necklace, earrings, bracelets, and nails for 449L
The set comes with the following options 
Metal – 5 options
Stunning Bright Gems – 10 options
Deeper Rich Gems – 10 options 
Nails 10 options
Smaller sets of course are also up for grabs at 149L.
 Key to Hope Mens Necklace and Earring Set Key to Hope Mens Bracelet and Nails Set
Key to Hope Bracelet & Nail Set 149L
Key to Hope Necklace & Earrings Set 149L
Along with the new release sets we also have 2 10L hunt gifts for RYR as well, A beautiful winged cancer ribbon necklace for women and brooch for men The Wings of Hope are just that beautiful wing ribbons signifying we can wipe out this horrible disease for good.
WingsofHope RYR WingsofHope ladiesRYR
Finally at the RYR event you will find one beautiful auction piece for women. A special edition of the Fashion for Life Sayuri jewelry and nail set. There will only ever be 1 of this beautiful set up for grabs ever so Make sure you participate in the silent auction for this stunning set. 
It features everything in the picture. 
Metal- 5 options 
Stones – 10 options 
Deem Gemstones – 10 Options 
Nails – 10 Pastel options 
100 % of all sales from all of these amazing pieces of jewelry go to support The National Breast Cancer Foundation. So please dont hesitate to stop by our booth and pick up these amazing pieces, as well as some of the other sets from the other supporting designers for an amazing cause!
I started out this store 3 years ago doing just nails. With the help of an amazing lady, Zuri Lyric, I started doing Jewelry with my nail sets. Now I offer the whole package. Though for the 24 Event I have decided to go back to my roots. To see that I have grown in design capability I have created  4 stunning and creative nail sets.  Things are about to get fun because at the 24 I am releasing my exclusive Mesh nails for MEN who don’t want to wear SLink hands.
OmbreLadies Ombre men Dual colored men Dual colored ChucksTaylormen ChucksTaylors Colorful lines men Colorful linesThere are 150 Sets up for grabs  for men and women. Here is how these can be purchased. 
Colorful Lines Ladies: 40 Sets 
Chuck Taylors Ladies: 40 Sets 
Duel Colored Angel Ladies: 40 Sets 
Ombre Ladies: 40 Sets
Colorful Lines Mens: 40 Sets 
Chuck Taylors Mens: 40 Sets 
Duel Colored Angel Mens: 40 Sets 
Ombre Mens: 40 Sets 
Each set is 99L, and once they are gone that is it. These will never be sold again, so get them while you can. 
You can find them At the 24 Squared Event Hosted by Siren Prodcutions. 
 Right now we have the The Designer Showcase  going on for the month of September. This month you can find an Exclusive release for the Designer Showcase only. The beautiful Gemstone Bows Jewelry and Nail set. A fully scripted set of jewelry and Nails for an amazing 85L, a deal like this is something you will never see for a full color change set.
This set includes everything seen here, again the set is 85L so grab it while you can. 
You read right ever so slowly have I been updating my Marketplace. If you missed them in store on their release date you can find the beautiful Love Supreme and Passionate Hearts gifts up on the MP for 1L 
Moondance Boutique on the Marketplace
Keep an eye here for Fashions shows we are in, we just had one thanks to Dulce Secrets and Dot-Be I will post the video once it’s up 
Happy Shopping everyone!
Moondance Boutique