Fashion For Life Exclusives

Fashion For Life 2014 Sign - with Champions
Good evening Everyone, you are reading that right. Fashion For Life opens it’s doors 7/7/14 at Midnight, and I have been lucky enough to be able to participate this year. As such yes that does mean what you think it does, New releases. However it’s not just 1 But 2 new Releases.  I have created 2 Beautiful jewelry sets that are exclusive for the Month of June at Fashion For Life.  Both sets were inspired by jewelry that was seen at the Oscars this year, From Cate Blanchett’s earrings, to Jennifer Lawrence beautiful back drape necklace. These are the exclusives for Fashion for Life, from Moondance Boutique.
Kat 2
We start out the new exclusives with the beautiful Sayuri set. Japanese for “Small Lilly” This soft pastel set is perfect for the spring and summer season.  As well as a formal or even an informal outing. The set is made up of a Necklace, Earrings, Bracelets, Rings and 3d Nails. 
5 Metal Textures 
10 Tear Colors 
10 Nail colors 
The price on this set is 499 – with 100% of the proceeds from this set going to support Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society. 
You can also purchase the individual sets for 149 a peice, with all of their sales going to Relay for Life. 
Sayuribraceletearring Sayurinecklace Sayuriringnails
Following up the pastel release is the beautiful Oscar Drape. Inspired by the lovely Jennifer Lawrence back drape necklace. This amazing set comes in diamonds with metal and plastic, yes plastic links on the necklace and bracelets. An unexpected combination that works so well together.
Kat 1
The Oscar Drape set includes a beautiful  necklace , earrings, bracelet, Rings and nails. This set features a mesh ring.  The price on this set is 349 with 100% of all sales of this set benefiting Relay for Life. 
The set features 4 Metal options and 3 Nail options. 
You can also Purchase these pieces in individual sets for 117 a piece with again 100% of all sales going to Relay for Life
 OscarDrape necklace OscarDrape nailsring OscarDrape braceletearring
 As with all my previous sets, the Nails included are included in separate Boxes, One featuring nails for the Original SL Avi hands in Sizes 10 and 20. As well as SLink Elegant 1 Hands in size 10. 
Not only do I have these beautiful exclusives up for grabs at the Fashion For Life Sims, there are also other pieces of Jewelry, as well as all of my Texture and SLink Nail collections, as well as my Miss Virtual World Nail collections, with proceeds from each sale of all items going to Relay for Life. SO even if you don’t want the exclusives there is something for everyone there.

All Sales donated are being made in dedication to my Grandfather who found out just this year he has the same Cancer that his wife of over 60 Years passed from. I love you Grandpa.


Enjoy your shopping.
Moondance Botuique @ Fashion For Life 

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