Moondance Jewels Papillion Animated Jewelry & The 5th Edition Runway Perfect Hunt

Holy Heck I’ve been very busy last month. There was a ton going on. The Earth Hour Show, The Desir & Moondance Boutique Anniversary show and so much more. Well to celebrate what’s been going on here’s just some peaks at a few things in store now. 
I have been working on quite a few things in the month of March that while they were up for sale I did not have the time to let you all know So gonna start off with one of my brand new sets. The Beautiful Papillion set was created for the amazing Monarque Dress from Desir, and Papillion Makeup set from Dulce Secrets  for the AIM Earth Hour show. 
DESIR Monarque dress earth hour Poster Papillion Makeup for Earth Hour Vendor Ad
This set is a one of a kind any where in SL. This as well as the Original, non color change version of this set can be purchased at 499L
 The Papillion Rose Jewelry & Nail set features beautiful roses that can be changed, and a separate Animated Butterfly Attachment. In this set you will receive the Necklace, Earrings, 2 Slave Bracelets, and a beautiful set of nails in sizes 10 & 20 as well as for the Elegance 1 SLink Hands, both of which feature the Animated Butterflies that flap.
The set comes with the following options 
Metal – 4 options
Gemstones- 10 options
Nails 10 options
You can also purchase peices as well.
Papillionbraceletnailscripted Papillionearringnecklacescripted
Papillion Rose Slave Bracelet  & Nail Combo 249 L
Papillion Rose Necklace & Earrings  249L
After much thought and hard work we have finally opened our new Main store on the Angels sim. The two floor store will feature all new releases from both our Nail and Jewelry Line in an easy to navigate building. 
Moondance Boutique Main Store 
 Right now we have the The Designer Showcase  and Fashion Stars. Each currently has a set of jewelry and nail sets, in colors only available at those locations on sale for 75L each. Take a look and see what they are. 
 The Runway Perfect 5th Edition Hunt has started this morning, and as always I am providing a beautiful gift for men and women. Remember all these gifts are a steal at 5L each. 
For the Ladies the Beautiful Spring Fling set. What a way to bring in Spring. This set was first shown on several blogs and the Runway in the Desir and Moondance Boutique Aniversery Show, and now it to can be yours for 5L. The set includes a stunning Necklace, Earrings, 2 Bracelets 2 Rings and a set of nails for both your SL fingers and for those of you ladies who have the Elegance 1 Hand from SLink. 
Spring Fling
For the guys I present to you the first Jewelry and Nail set, the Bravado. What a way to kick off my first Male collection then in a hunt, to give you gentlemen a taste of what’s coming for you as well from Moondance Boutique. You will recive for your 5L a Handsom Necklace, Matching Stud Earrings, 2 Bracelets, and a Set of custom made leather Nails. Bravado
Runway Perfect Edition 5: April 1st to 30th – This is a 5L hunt
While the Fashion Shows may be over, you can view these wonderful shows on Youtube. Thank you to AIM and Vivien Emerald of Desir, for involving me in these wonderful Events
AIM Earth hour show –
Desir Anniversary show –
Happy Shopping everyone!
Moondance Boutique

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