BOSL Fashion Week Releases

Alright guys, I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I’ve been busy with a huge new release. It took a few weeks, but I finished it, and as of Today these beautiful designs are released. Several brand new 3d Nail sets, not just for women but also for Men! check them out! 
 Avarice baroque key Bella Unbound Diamond Confidence Emerald Drops Envy Gluttony SapphireDiamonds Vanity
Baroque Key Male Bwspikes CarbonSteele Hoodlum Punkpearls RoughKnight
Also going on right now we have the Designer Circle & The Designer Showcase featuring some of my designs at a reduced rate. So take a look at what I have at these two wonderful locations. .
None going on Right now, keep your eyes peeled.
BOSL Fashion Week: Accessories Me pt 1 Sept 15th @ 10am
BLVD Black Light Show – tbd
Models Giving Back NBCF Sept 28th @ 9am, 2pm, & 8 pm

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