Moondance Boutique


It was an honor to be asked by Kat Carter  (kathrin dassin)  of Moondance Boutique  to model her nails for a store photo.


The Metallic’s nail set is my favorite set for everyday wear.  Shown is Monochrome.

The Nails are scripted to allow your hands to stay in one relaxed position.

Moondance Boutique, Your home for beautiful and timeless nails. Specializing in classic, designs as well as fresh new designs and styles that you have not seen in world before.
The nails are Menu driven and you have a wide array of designs or colors to choose from. 6 lengths available and an unheard of 5 length styles available, the most lengths available in secondlife from one nail stylist.


When she messaged me to do the photo I was styling up to blog some new releases by A:S:S

Do you remember the 1997 Bat Boys summer tour?…

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