New Stuff for Men & Women

Sorry it’s been so long everyone, I’ve been hit hard, between the Earth Hour show, which was a success, my bid at Colors of Couture, which was not so great, and the up and coming Accessories show I have been very busy. However There are still new releases for women, and a much added set of releases for the guys (yay for back log of work.  So not keeping you guys waiting. Here’s the new stuff. 
 These nails were created for my Colors of Couture look that I did for their casting. If you want to see the full look head over to my blog Kat’s True Colors, just be warned the posts are lengthy. 
Yes new releases for you guys! sorry about the delay in getting them out, but the work was killing me, and I finally got all the vendor shots done (husband didn’t want to do them anymore.) I want to thank my new Male model Hethwen for doing this wonderful shots for me 🙂
Shineychrome Snowflake Rockstar ReverseFrenchChrome Pumpkinheads MetallicPurple Halloween DullFrench CandySnowflakes 
Also going on right now we have the Designer Circle & The Designer Showcase featuring some of my designs at a reduced rate. So take a look at what I have at these two wonderful locations. .
With so much going on I only have one hunt coming up. Starting on May 1st The 4th edition of the Runway Perfect Hunt will be rolling through. With gifts for Men & Women from some of the most esteemed designers in secondlife. The hunt gifts will be 1L each, and you will not be disappointed.
 Earth Hour: We are running this show a second time on April 20th @ 4pm 
Accessories Show: May 25th @ 4pm SLT