New for Men & Women

The New Year has come and gone, and I’ve been working so very hard on so many different designs. For now however I have some very simple and these honestly have been long over due. With so many designs out in the store, I have also provided now a set of natural nails. With a new addition, Men now have 3 sizes to choose from. I am now offering sizes 40,45, and 50 for guys! Yes more than 3 sizes for the guys. But enough with the chatter, lets get the ads. 
naturalmaleI was very blessed to get a wonderful man to do the shot for the Natural Nail vendor for the guys. Mr. Avatar USA 2012 himself Hethwen Vertaus, and I thank him so much for doing this for me. It was an amazing experience to have such a nice and talented man take time out of his busy scheduled to do this for me. 
Also going on right now we have the Designer Circle & The Designer Showcase featuring some of my designs at a reduced rate. So take a look at what I have at these two wonderful locations. .
With so much going on I only have one Holiday hunt. Starting on January 19th . With gifts for Men, Women, Petites & Immortals yet again. The hunt gifts are 2L per store, so save some cash you wont want to miss it.

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