New for Men, Women, Petites & Immortals :)

Okeday peoples I’m back and still creating. Sorry it’s taken me so long however to get new stuff up. But i do have a few new items for you all.  I’ve actually got not only a few new releases for Biggies, but I also have a new release for the guys, as well as a few for the Petites and Immortal crowds.
 Were going to open up first with my release for biggies.  First up for the ladies, we have two releases.
Created specifically for the Anonymous Women Designers Fashion Show held last Sunday. The show was held to help bring attention to the plight of abuse suffered by women of all races, ages and sexual orientations. As a designer I am honored to have participated in such an amazing event, and to create such a beautiful and special set of nails for the event as well. 
 Following up such a special design we are now going to enjoy the winter weather with a set of beautiful snow flake nails. The winter days are upon us and Christmas is around the corner, and everyones waiting for a nice new gift. These wintry nails are up for grabs  for both Women and Men 🙂 
Ok so I know I said it would be a few days since the last release that I said i would have the last set of new designs up for Petites and Immortals, and I apologize for the delay. I had several shows going on, and the designs have been coming. So without further ado I will now release 3 new sets for my Petite and Immortal customers. As well as a petite sized building! No longer do you ladies have to head into the big store and look up. Now everything is right at eye level. 🙂 
Also going on right now we have the Designer Circle & The Designer Showcase featuring some of my designs at a reduced rate. So take a look at what I have at these two wonderful locations. .
With so much going on I only have one Holiday hunt. Starting on December 1st The 4th annual Candy Cane hunt will be rolling through. With gifts for Men, Women, Petites & Immortals yet again. This is a free hunt and not something to be Missed. There are over 100 wonderful stores in this hunt and again the gifts are Free so make sure you all take a look.

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