New Designs for Normal Avi’s and Petites.

Ok now that the Wedding and Honey moon are out of the way I can get back to doing what I enjoy doing. Designing for you lovelies. I have of course been very hard at work so this release is actually very very huge! There is a hunt going on in store, exclusive designs created for locations and new avi’s created that begged to have Nails made for their tiny little hands.
Our first sets to be released belong to our lovely biggie/normal sized avi’s 
Anyone who’s been into the store will know I have many different and creative types of french nails. So this time i decided to do something a little bit on the simple side. Black nail bases with simple colored tips.  Something that’s perfect for a formal look or even just a casual day look. This french set can be used for all occasions.
Now if your wanting something a little more on he wild side boy do we have a new design for you. With this set even you can feel like a rock star  The half solid, and half stripped nail is really a different type of design. The wild flair is perfect for a night on the town.
Now with old Hallows Eve around the corner, I’ve got a few new releases for the spookiest holiday in the world. Halloween is closet to one of my most loved Holidays. Dressing up, and getting free candy, but it didn’t used to be that way. October 31st, was the begining of the Samhain festival, a time of harvest. Now a days we just harvest candy and scary stories… Happy Halloween/Samhain. 
Now Right now only the Dull French & This is Halloween are both available for our Petite avi’s
 Now I did mention a new avatar. I’ve been invited to join in on a group of Designers creating for a new Mesh avatar. If you love petites then this can be right up your ally. The Immortal Avi’s They are small sized Avi’s but look closer to your typical SL avi then the petites do, including their body shape. While Petites are nice and Slim, Immortals are Full Figured ladies, and men.  The Immortal Avatars can be found by clicking here.
I’ve already gotten more nails in the works for them, to catch up to our Petites, but here are the first two releases. Also our Dull French & This is Halloween sets.
As a reminder: All my nails come in many sizes. While many nail salons in Second Life only come in one or two sizes, mine come in five sizes, and three sizes.
Normal Avi sizes: 5, 10,15,20,25,30 (This includes different lengths, and nail shape) 
Petite Avi sizes: 20,30,50
Immortal Avi: Currently the shape is no Mod, once the shape becomes mod there will be more sizes available.
I have been lucky enough to be accepted into a very exclusive group. Along side some very big name designers in Second Life. October’s Trending Fashion Chamber. 
The OTFC has two locations, one at October Studios and one at Furfall . The Chamber runs for 1 month, at which time you are treated to Exclusive designs only up for grabs at the chamber for that time. I have three beautiful 3d designs up for grabs there right now.
Right now we have 2 hunts going on, the Darkling hunt – which ends on the 15th of October. This hunt is for Petite avi’s only, both male and females have gifts. 
Next up As many of you who have watched the hunt trail, The Runway Perfect Hunt 3 is starting up October 1st, and once again I have been given the honor of providing a gift for this hunt, aimed with models in mind. Last round I only did a gift for the ladies in the form of my Orchid 3d Set, this time around I have 3d sets for both men and women. 
So happy hunting and happy October all
Moondance Boutique

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