New Designs for Bigges and Petites, and Oooh a Custom set

Sorry it’s been so long since the last release guys. The Wedding is coming ever so closer, i have 2 weeks left, so very excited. With that in mind i have been working feverishly to get a huge release for you all, as I wont have time to do more nails for a bit. So on to the new releases!
Ok, everyone knows that in SL this month is the Vintage fair, well I didn’t get a chance to put in an application but that didn’t stop me from creating two set of Vintage nails. The Vintage fair also happens to coincide with a great Event here in the current city I live in, that celebrates classic Cars, and the 50’s. Anyone out there in SL who lives in Reno knows I’m talking hot August Nights. Classics Cars, Sock hops and Poodles skirts…. 
These vintage inspired beauties are also available  for my darling little petite avi’s, because why should they be denied the vintage cuteness of a time of bright colors and classic fashion.
Now this next Petite release is very special. Why is it special? I’ll tell you. For a few months after starting the release of the petite nails I started to wonder if it would be possible for me to do my 3d Nail sets for petites. Now this would be hard because most of the gems I already had were as small as they would go. I couldn’t size them down smaller, so I looked till i found them, and find them I did. A set small enough that I could start to release my jeweled 3d nails for petites.
So that takes care of 5 of 9 new sets that I have for you. Now I got a special request from a client of mine for a custom set of nails to match a set of jewelry that she had another designer make for her.  Miss Kitty Runs the funsized 50L weekend event in world and is an amazing sweet heart of a woman. So, she recived both a set of Biggie nails and a set of Petite nails with a design custom to her specifications. She requested two different color sets, so you have a set that is a classic french set, and a set of black and red french.
She was even kind enough to allow me to use her Picture that she took with the nails on as the Vendor shot for this custom set of nails. So Thank you Kitty =^.^=
She also got them done in Petite sizes to.
As a reminder: All my nails come in many sizes. While many nail salons in SecondLife only come in one or two sizes, mine come in five sizes, and three sizes.
Normal Avi sizes: 5, 10,15,20,25,30 (This includes different lengths, and nail shape) 
Petite Avi sizes: 20,30,50
Custom Requests are Very much welcome and Encouraged!
Sorry guys No new releases for you just yet, My male model was being testy with our upcoming wedding.
Also going on right now we have the October’s Trending Fashion & The Designer Showcase featuring some of my designs. So take a look at what I have at these two wonderful locations. Once the Wedding is done I will be back int he Designers Cirlce, so don’t fret ladies.
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