New Designs 7/16

Ok, so busy as a bee over here, but that’s not stopping me from getting out some new releases for you this week. I have 6 new releases for you guys today! Yes you heard me 6.
 So I’m not going to talk to much but lets start with what’s new in store
 We are exactly 10 days away from an event that only happens ever 4 years… What am I talking about you may ask? Why the Summer Olympic Games of course! Starting on  July 27, 2012, Athletes from around the world will be competing as the prides of their nation. And so to Celebrate the games I have caught Olympic fever and create a set of nails using the Logos of next Summer Olympics (Rio 2016), the current Summer Games (London 2012) and Previous Games, (Bejing, Athans, Sydny and Atlanta) 
Also there is a new 3d design for you all in store, Garnet Teardrops. Another Classic design brought to  you by the creators of Moondance Boutique, the red on Black classic colors will always stand out no matter what you do and add a touch of elegance and grace to Any outfit you might wear.
Now On to other new releases. These are not availble in my main store, but are exclusives to October’s Trending Fashion Chamber! Yes that’s right I’ve gone ahead and made some exclusives for you all! There are 2 3d designs up for grabs, and then there is one full texture set and one petite set for all you little ladies out there. 
Following the line of my orignal Aria designs, I have come up with new and beautiful colors to this set, named after various classical musical types, they ad a simple grace to any outfit you could wish to wear.
Add a flame to any outfit, or even your pictures with these unique designs. with 10 different flaming flowers you are sure to stand out as people look at your nails and go “Oh My!” These beautiful flowers will add just that little bit of spark to any outfit you could possibly wear. 
And of course I didn’t forget my smallest of ladies, as I’ve said before, no lady should be left out of having the perfect manicure, and for the light hearted Petite there is of course these lighter than air bubble design. Sure to give you a lift in your look and possibly give you wings!
As with all of my texture releases, Ladies the nails come in 6 sizes and 5 lengths to fit your will, as well as two nail shapes, round and square. 
Petite Nails only come in square shape, with Point and Open handed options
Also going on right now we have the Designer Circle & The Designer Showcase featuring some of my designs at a reduced rate. So take a look at what I have at these two wonderful locations.
Remember ladies and gentlemen, I have a subscriber now, so if you do not want to loose a group space to be in the actual Moondance Group then stop by my store and join the Subscriber! The first group gifts go out as soon as I hit 50 members!
Currently Running
A Midsummer Nights Dream 3 June 21st – July 21st
 The Summer Lovin Summer Hunt – July 7th – July 28th
Coming up:
The Pirate Hunt: July 25th – August 25th 
Enchanted Petite Hunt: August 12th – September 12th
Happy shopping!

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