New Designs 7/8

Ok, so busy as a bee over here, but that’s not stopping me from getting out some new releases for you this week. I have one new release for you all, Sorry guys again busy busy over here. Also in happy news I now have a subscribe-o-matic! Yay! So if you want to keep up with the goings on of Moondance Boutique, and get free gifts please join. I will send out the first gift once the Subscribe-o-matic hits 50 subscribers!
 Something so simple is usually some of the most elegant things you can find. That was the idea behind this beautiful set.
Lilacs at Midnight is so simple yet so classy it can be paired with anything you can come up with, from a formal gown to everyday wear, these will go great with anything you wear.
As with all of my texture releases, Ladies the nails come in 6 sizes and 5 lengths to fit your will, as well as two nail shapes, round and square. 
Also going on right now we have the Designer Circle & The Designer Showcase featuring some of my designs at a reduced rate. So take a look at what I have at these two wonderful locations.
Right now I am taking place in another very special sale, the Flawless Cart Sale & Treasure Hunt is going on! where you can find an Exclusive set of 3d nails for 50L! 
Currently Running
A Midsummer Nights Dream 3 June 21st – July 21st
 The Summer Lovin Summer Hunt – July 7th – July 28th
Coming up:
The Pirate Hunt: July 25th – August 25th 
Enchanted Petite Hunt: August 12th – September 12th
Happy shopping!

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