Petites are Here!

Ok, so yes people I just released the Saffron Swirls set not even a week ago, but you know how it goes when you are inspired, and I certainly was. Seeing all the Petite avi’s got me wondering how to go about creating for such cute avi’s and then a little fairy (literally) dropped down out of the sky and gave me the piece i needed, and thus nails for those beautiful little petite avi’s have been spawned. That’s right ladies, I have created nails specifically for petites! 
For no Woman should have to give up that perfect manicure because her finger nails, her fingers or even her hands are to small! 
Petite nails are available in both point and open hands, so there is no choosing weather or not you have on your points or your open, both can have that beautiful manicure.
Designer Circle is still going on with two designs marked down to under 100L But hurry this weeks sale only goes on till Saturday! Then we change. Come on down and take a look at not just my stuff but all the wonderful designers that participate
Designer Showcase: I am now taking part in the Designer Show case, Were you can purchase a set of nails for under 100L, Starting from the 15th to the end of the month! Come on down and take a look at not just my merchandise, but also look at all the wonderful vendors that are participating
Also the Look Fair is going on! 8 Designs on sale for 50 linden! So take a gander over to the sim and pick up some wonderful designs, Also take a look at some of the other designers everyone’s a happy camper at the Look Fair. Running from now until May 31st
Also comming soon The Wedding Expo so keep your eyes hear to see what’s going on with that. – June 1st – June 31st
Currently Running
Gothic in Spring Hunt – May 16th – June 16th Hunt
Coming up:
Defining Music Hunt – May 20th – June 10th
Silk Road Hunt – June 1st – June 30th
The Accessories Hunt – June 1st – June 30th
Mercury Rising Hunt – June 1st – June 30th
A Midsummer Nights Dream 3 June 21st – July 21st

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