3 new 3d Sets

So if people are wondering what I have been up to I shall show you. I’ve been pulling double duty actually, while i’ve spent some time designing a new set of 3d nails for you laides, i’ve also been designing a wedding invitation for my RL wedding. So the frequency of releases has been rather small. 
Without further ado I present to you Saffron Swirls.
Saffron swirls is available right now in Short Square only, however instead of one size these are available  in the full range of sizes, from hand size 5 to hand size 30. So there’s one for every hand size. 
As you all know i had a couple of hunts were I featured my 3d nail designs. If you missed your chance to get them during the hunts they were featured in your chance has now come! They are up for sale now in the store. 
The Diva
And the Orchid
Also going on right now we have the Designer Circle & The Designer Showcase featuring some of my designs at a reduced rate. So take a look at what I have at these two wonderful locations.
Also the Look Fair is going on! 8 Designs on sale for 50 linden! So take a gander over to the sim and pick up some wonderful designs, Also take a look at some of the other designers everyone’s a happy camper at the Look Fair.
Also comming soon The Wedding Expo so keep your eyes hear to see what’s going on with that. 
Currently Running
Gothic in Spring Hunt – May 16th – June 16th Hunt
Coming up:
Defining Music Hunt – May 20th – June 10th 
Silk Road Hunt – June 1st – June 30th
The Accessories Hunt – June 1st – June 30th 
Mercury Rising Hunt – June 1st – June 30th
A Midsummer Nights Dream 3 June 21st – July 21st
Happy shopping!

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