New Releases

Sorry it’s been so long Ladies and Gents since my last release. I’ve been really busy in RL and am about to get even busier! But at the moment i have 6 new releases for everyone. As many of you know I have been trying my hand and nails for guys to cause we know there are not enough of them in secondlife for you all. So without further adue…
The new designs are all solid color something I’ve neglected to create. So we have 3 solid color designs for both male and females, with two more sets in the works.

I will start off with my favorite color, Blue! And today blue is the best color for a beach trip, 
Following up blue, it’s just past cherry blossom season, so red finds us out at night for flower blooming
And Last but not least, the classic colors of black and white will always lend themselves to a nice little sidewalk cafe.
For you ladies the nails as always are in 5 lengths and 6 sizes, in both round and square.
For you guys, the nails for now are only in size 50, and extra short round & square. Gentlemen, if you want them in a different size other than 50 let me know i’ll set you up a set no extra charge!

Alright so continuing on, a few hunts have come to an end:( . This leaves me with a lull in hunts for the moment but not to fret i have several coming up, and a few fairs! So make sure you look for me!
Gothic in Spring – May 16th – June 16th 1L hunt
Defining Music – May 20th – June 10th 5L hunt
The Silk Road 3 – June 1st – June 30th 
The Accessories Hunt – June 1st – June 30th 
The Midsummer Nights Dream – June 21st – July 21st
Currently I’m taking part in the Designer Circle and the Desginer Showcase, Make sure you all take a quick trip to these wonderful locations to see what is offered there for you all. As to what i’m putting up there… well that’s always a surprise.
The Look Fair : Accessories from across the grid! – May 15th – May 31st
The “I Do Wedding Expo – June 1st – June 31st
Happy Shopping 

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