Happy Humpday E…

Happy Humpday Everyone!!!
Ok so today I have some big news for everyone. Due to some RL issues on the part of my Friends at Orchid & Lotus, the sim we were on had to close down 😦 So I had to move. With a 5 day buffer period I managed to get the new store up and running within three days! So never fear i’m not going anywere. 
Moondance Boutique New Location
Ok so I’ve been silent…. but not forgotten…. So lets see what do i have for you, not one but three new releases this week! Spring time is upon us as we all know so two of the designs , color wise are based on the predicted spring pallet from Pantone for this years Fashion. Spring Boudoir, and Feather French. 
But wait I said there were 3 designs…. This design shows my geekyness… all I have to say, and those of you who understand will get the joke before looking at the picture. The Cake Is a Lie
The Companion cube is also avaialbe for Men as well. Don’t want you guys to feel left out that you can’t have your very own Companion Cube. The Companion Cube nails also comes with it’s very own Companion Cube box to use as a decoration in your own home.
For you ladies the nails as always are in 5 lengths and 6 sizes, in both round and square. For you guys, the nails for now are only in size 50, and extra short round, if you want them square, let me know i’ll set you up a set no extra charge!
Previous Releases:
Rave Male: 
Hunts & Fairs: 
There are several hunts going on right now and some have just now started.
Currently Running
The Runway Perfect Hunt 2
The Fashioncentric Hi5 Hunt
The Black Widow Hunt
Coming up :
Defining Music
The Look Fair!
I Do Wedding Fair 
Remember take a look at the Blog and follow it for updates!
Happy shopping and reading guys
Moondance Boutique 

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