The Runway Perfect Stylings

So I am participating in the Runway Perfect Hunt 2 this month, I did so last month under another brand but this time I’m doing it with my own brand. YAY Me! I had some extra time so I decided to run through the hunt really quickly on my day off, omg do those exist, and found so many amazing items I decided that I just had to share them with you all.

Coat: CHG Fashion – Runway Perfect Hunt gift (free)

Boots: Frisky – Firsky Thigh high Boots – Bootgasam

Hair: Dominique (Mesh) – Wasabi Pills

Nails: Diva (3d) – Black Widow Hunt gift (Free) – Moondance Boutique

Top: CNG Fashion – Runway Perfect Hunt Gift (Free)

Pants: Paris Metro Male Gift – Runway Perfect Hunt Gift ( Free)

Jewelry : Chop Zuey – Runway Perfect Hunt Gift (Free)

Hair:  Amandine – Wasabi Pills

Nails : Moondance Boutique – Diva 3d – Black Widow Hunt Gift (free)

Lingerie: Angel Dessous – Runway Perfect Hunt Gift ( Free)

Nails: Orchid 3d – Runway Perfect hunt Gift ( Free)

Hair: Taleen – Wasabi Pills

Dress: Purple Moon – Runway Perfect Hunt Gift (Free)

Hair: Dura – Runway Perfect Hunt Gift (Free)

Jewelry: Inspiration collection – Avalon Mist

Hair Bows: Caroline’s Hair Bows –  Caroline’s Jewelry

Shoes:  White Ballet Flats – Karried Away

Nails : Classy Zircon 3d – Moondance Boutique

Shirt & Pants: Egoisme – Runway Perfect Hunt (Free)

Jacket & Belt : BMX Jacket – SLX

Boots: Asta – Zhao

Ring: RJK Chain Bangle (not shown)  and Ring set – :sey:

Necklace: RJK2 Necklace – :sey:

Nails: Black Hearted – Moondance Boutique

Hair: Dragon – Wasabi Pills


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