Home from Vegas

I spent the last few days in vegas with my family celebrating my birthday, but the city of lights and night has given me quite a few idea’s or nails, hopefully i’ll be able to get them set up soonish. Keep a look out i still have several designs that i will be releasing in the next few weeks. Our beautiful and simplistic Classy Gemstone collection, the Special 3d designs created for Relay for Life, and a new and beautifuly unique french design. So look for those pictures as well as some style cards from me soon featuring designs from Orchid & Lotus, Kastle Rock Couture, and many many more in the future to come 🙂

K. C arter


Moondance Boutique: Your home for Classic and Innovate nails

Moondance Boutique, Your home for beautiful and timeless anils. Specializing in classic, designs as well as fresh new designs and styles that you have not seen in world before. The nails are Menu driven and you have a wide array of designs or colors to choose from. 6 lengths available and an unheard of 5 length styles available the most lengths available in secondlife from one nail stylist in secondlife.

You can locate us @ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/the%20breakers/59/76/23 on the Breakers sim.

Join my Moolto Page: http://moolto.ning.com/group/moondanceboutique